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AJAX DeskTop StartPage Enterprise

Enterprise Level Personalized Startpage Portal

Deploy your personalized startpage portal on your website now!

What exactly is AJAX Desktop StartPage Enterprise software?


AJAX DeskTop StartPage Enterprise is our latest range of web 2.0 AJAX based application that allows you to start your very own personal start page service just like,


What exactly is StartPage Enterprise and what does it do? For those who have not seen sites like PageFlakes or Netvibes, StartPage Enterprise is a multi-lingual Ajax-based personalized start page. It is organized into tabs, with each tab containing user-defined widgets including RSS reader, Notes, Web search, weather forecast,  bookmarks, email reader and more!


StartPage Enterprise also features a unique "Drag and Drop" interface that allows your users to easily add or remove widgets from their pages making it truly a simple to use and fun tool for all your web users.


Here are some examples of what you or your users can do with StartPage Enterprise:

  1. Read POP/Yahoo/Gmail/AOL emails all at once without having to login into 4 different accounts. StartPage Enterprise will auto-save your email login information. All its takes is one common login to your StartPage Enterprise account

  2. Our UWA compatible and external widgets allows your members to use thousands of ready made widgets

  3. Take down important notes and retrieve it from anywhere with a web browser

  4. All your daily dose of news feeds can now be displayed via our online RSS reader widget in one page

  5. Our weather forecast widget instantly shows the weather information of your preferred location

  6. Select your search engine and enter the search phrase to retrieve search results

  7. and many more!

For a list of customized widgets StartPage Enterprise offers, please refer to our feature list.


How can this software bring more traffic to my web site?


StarPage Enterprise has the unique capability to draw regular web users or existing members to your site and hence increasing the overall user-base with its personalized tools for your users. Many major portals and search engine such as Yahoo, Google, NetScape and MSN has its own online desktop service making this enterprise solution a MUST HAVE if you are operating your own portal or community sites. Even independent AJAX desktop providers such as PageFlakes and NetVibes are gaining over 5 million active users on their sites.



If you are looking for a value-added solution for your members, look no further as the DeskTop StartPage Enterprise is the PERFECT solution for bringing more traffic and web visitors to your websites. The Desktop Start Page Enterprise is great for any portals, communities or web sites of any kind including sites running our E-friends and Video Share application are ideal as the software offers one core user retention strategy: practical use of a regular web-user daily activities.


DeskTop StartPage Enterprise also features an EZImport Module that will easily import the email and password of your existing members stored in MySQL on your existing web site so you members do not need to register again. For web developers, we also provide PHP handler for you to combine sites with existing users database.


Enhance your site now with our Web 2.0 driven AJAX Desktop StartPage Enterprise software.


Tap into THOUSANDS of ready made widgets into AJAX StartPage


Save thousands of dollars in development cost for creating custom widgets with our UWA widget and External HTML widget interface. Our version 3 release provides support for cross platform widget compatibility with the integration of Universal Widget API (UWA) so that widgets built for,, Vista, iGoogle and Mac DashBoard will be able to run on AJAX StartPage.


Here are some widget sites that AJAX StartPage supports:

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AJax Desptop StartPage Enterprise Features

User Features

  • Drag and drop interface

  • Option to change the number of columns

  • Ability to create/edit/delete page tabs

  • User have the ability to customize their personal desktop startpage by selecting themes

  • Set wallpaper image from external URL

  • NEW Export widgets and embed in blogs or social network profiles

  • NEW Import wallpaper image from Flickr

  • NEW User has ability to set custom wallpaper from our image library

  • Ability to modify member profile

  • Retrieve password during login

  • Ability to select language

  • Set custom title for member's desktop page

  • Ability to create multi-pages by creating new tabs

  • Custom Widgets - Here are some of the cool widgets you can offer to your members:

Universal Widget API  - Offer thousands of ready-made widgets using the UWA interface and allow your members to use widgets like facebook, skype, google calendar, on-demand web games, flickr, twitter and many more!


 Emails Widgets - Check your email at anywhere. The email widgets will autosave your login info. Supports POP3, GMail, AOL and Yahoo


 RSS Widget - Online RSS reader widget that works with any RSS feeds! No need to download your own RSS feed software

 Messenger Widget - Interact with fellow members online with this nifty messenger tool!


 To Do Widget - List all your to-do lists in this widget and easily retrieve this from anywhere

 Web Search Widgets - Quick and easy search widget that allows you to select the search engine and hit the keywords to get instant search results

 Bookmark Widget - Save the hassle of using a online bookmark service or retrieving your bookmarked URLs from your browser with this widget


 Video Widgets - Display video feeds from different sources such as YouTube, Google Video, AOL Video and Fox Sports

 External Widget - This widget will display any picture or HTML-code of a widget or your own custom HTML content


 WebNote Widgets - Take down important notes with this widget


 Weather Widget - Get instant live weather news for any cities in the world

 Flash Player Widget - Play your favorite flash games


 Web Browser Widget - A cool web browser

 Calculator Widget - Need to do a quick calculation? This widget is just what you need


 Flickr Widget - Display your favorite Flickr photos

 Feeds Directory - Users can browse the feeds directory and add any RSS feeds that interest them


 Featured Feeds - Display a list of admin-defined RSS feeds


Admin Features

  • Multi-language support - Create unlimited languages and let your users select the language of their choice!

  • 100% template driven - Have your own custom design? No problem

  • EZImport Module - Built-in MySQL Database Importer to allow seamless integration into your existing website. Also includes a PHP handler to allow interaction with your 3rd party PHP script

  • Member Management - Admin can create/edit/delete/search members

  • Email Management - Ability to mass mail or email to individual members, the system also keeps a history log of each email campaign sent

  • Database Management - Admin can backup and restore database records

  • User Feedback System - members can send a feedback which will be stored in the system so that admin can reply directly

  • Web Search Modules - admin can create/edit/delete custom search engines for web search widget

  • Template Manager - Ability to edit the look and feel of the system

  • NEW Wallpaper Manager - Ability to add/delete wallpaper image from the image library

  • Admin has the ability to create custom themes for members to select for their desktop start page

  • Ability to change admin user/pass

  • Create custom HTML widgets

  • Manage RSS and Flash categories

  • Admin has the ability to add/edit/delete RSS feeds or flash games

  • Ability to create custom static pages

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Product Requirements

 MySQL (version 4 or higher)
 PHP (version 4.2.3 or higher)
 IMAP Module with SSL

Pricing and Product Info

  • Cost (single license): $99
  • Or buy at 87% OFF
  • Language: PHP
  • Platform: Unix / Linux / Win NT
  • Last Update: Mar 09, 2017
  • Current Version: 3.3

    •  100% Source Codes
       Lifetime License
       Free 1 Year Updates
       Free Copyright Removal

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