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Article Manager Pro Script

PHP Article & News Content Management Software

Starting a adsense optimized article site has never been so quick & easy

Before we go into the details of what AlstraSoft Article Manager Pro content management software can do for you, ask yourself this question: “Have you ever envy those webmasters who earn more than $1000 per day through adsense revenues on their news and articles website?” If you have not then it is time to start thinking whether the time and effort you have put into building an article website is worth the time.  


At AlstraSoft we are committed not only to provide quality software for our clients BUT also enabling you to earn REVENUES through the use of our PHP scripts and therefore we would like to present to you our 3 WINNING FORMULAS FOR A SUCCESSFUL AND PROFITABLE ARTICLE AND NEWS PUBLISHING WEBSITE:


AdSense Optimized CMS > Quality Content > Massive Traffic


These three components are essential to having a profitable article and news site. With Article Manager Pro you can accomplish ALL of them.


 1. Nothing beats an AdSense optimized CMS Solution


Having the best article management script or CMS (probably the most expensive) does not mean you will get the best out of it. What most article or news management software fail to do is to provide webmaster with seamless integration of AdSense codes into the system. AlstraSoft has developed the Article Manager Pro with the mind of our customers in order to accomplish this. Well I am sure you have seen many of those CMS or article website with built in AdSense codes into the page that is so badly integrated and ugly that it literally tells you “Hey, I am an ad link. I know you hate ads so please don’t click me” and here are a couple of examples:





Or would you rather have a system that automatically inserts the AdSense codes into your site’s articles without you having to manual add those codes into the templates and AT THE SAME TIME integrate seamlessly into the article system? With our article management software, we have done both for you. Our Auto Ad Insert feature does the job of automatically inserting the AdSense codes into every page of the article and all you need to do is to simply edit the AdSense settings in the admin panel and that’s it!


And not only that our "SenseIt" module will automatically perform AdSense Optimization by altering the article listings in the main page layout to match the font size, background color and format to be the same as the AdSense text ads all with a click of a mouse. Article Manager Pro offers you this unique feature that is not be found on our competitors' CMS software or news publishing script.


With Article Manager Pro we do all the do "dirty work" for you by placing the best AdSense format into your articles to ensure that related ads are place beside the articles and news to make it look like an integral part of your site’s content. In short we are making the ads more likely to be clicked by your visitors and all these is done through the use of our Article Manager Pro software.


Please refer to the 2 below screenshots (click for an enlarge version) for examples:






 2. Content is KING


We all know that without any quality content, you can forget about getting visitors to your websites. With our GrabRSS module you can syndicate content from Yahoo to grab quality content to compliment the articles in your website or as a form of substitute. This unique feature is included with the purchase of our Article Manager Pro.


And what’s more we will also include 85 private label rights articles:

  • 10 PLR Gardening articles 

  • 20 PLR Self Improvement Articles

  • 15 PLR Child Care Articles

  • 10 PLR Sports Articles

  • 35 PLR Affiliate Marketing

 3. Getting traffic to your site




Now having done the above 2. Ultimately the last key winning formula to a successful article website is traffc. Without traffic, there will be no visitors coming to your website and reading articles and clicking the ads. If you want to create a constant stream of perpetual free traffic to your website then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way to go. And we all know that it can be hard and tedious to optimize your article website to get higher rankings in search engines such as Google and MSN.


To complete your all-round marketing strategy for your article website we will include this great ebook that was written by SEO guru Brad Callen and he will show you how he reached the number 1 position for one of the most highly competitive search terms on the web.



AlstraSoft RSS Announcer instantly and automatically submits your RSS feeds to all of the major RSS feed directories on the Internet including Yahoo and Moreover.

Just imagine the power of tens of thousands of other web sites being able to easily display your RSS feeds on their web sites for content and the massive traffic you will get. This software will be included with the purchase of our Article Manager Pro.



Click here to purchase our Article Manager Pro now if you think that these 3 factors are already too irresistible for you not to get it at only $149!


Having seen how powerful our article management script can do for your website, if you are still not convinced that Article Manager Pro is the right solution for you then read more to see how our CMS can turn your site into a cash cow.


Article Manager Pro is the next generation content management software designed to make your life a whole lot easier by enabling webmasters to publish articles or news into their website in a matter of minutes with our advance WYSIWYG editor that includes features such as a built-in spell checker, word finder and many more. Article Manager Pro is your ideal solution if you are setting up your own news publishing portal, online magazine, article directory and web-based tutorial website.


Article Manager Pro is fully template based and you can easily customize the layout to match your existing website design.

What exactly can Article Manager Pro do for you?

 Use our website content management system build huge content sites using Google Adsense and profit from visitors clicking on your ads ads!


 Get massive traffic from other webmasters adding your RSS feeds to their web site


 Let other people build your site by adding their articles, and all the time increasing your search engine rankings


 Build niche sites and use Article Manager Pro to add the content and sell the site for a huge profit

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Article Manager Pro Features


Easy to install and setup. Comes with a built-in installer

100% web-based. Article Manager Pro comes with a user-friendly web-based interface that will let you author and administer the system from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection

100% template based. The templates are written in HTML so modifying them is as simply as A-B-C and you can integrate into your existing news or article website

Search Engine Friendly. Allows you to enable .html extensions for articles and categories

Multi-Level Access

Format content with no HTML skills using our advance WYSIWYG editor

Send articles to a friend

Print an article

Save article in PDF format

Email subscription - build your own mailing list

Featured Articles

Recent Articles

List most rated and most read articles

Random Pick: display a random article

Change font size of article

Show statistics: total articles, authors, views and categories

Rate, review and send featured articles to friends


Publish Articles

Advanced WYSIWYG Editor (no HTML skills required) [Screenshot]

  • Supports both Wins and Mac OS X browsers (Internet explorer, Netscape, FireFox and Mozilla)

  • NEW Spell Checker

  • NEW Word finder

  • Support for flash component

  • Form creator

  • Change the font type, color and size, bold, italics or underline

  • Justify text right, left or center

  • Cut, copy and paste

  • Undo/redo

  • Create bulleted or numbered lists.

  • Indent or unindent paragraphs.

  • Insert horizontal lines, hyperlinks

  • Insert image/photos from gallery

  • Insert table

Publish articles without any HTML/technical knowledge

Articles can be set as the following

  • Visible: published to the website immediately when added.

  • Pending: saved to the system but not published until approval

Post, edit and delete articles

Unlimited articles


NEW AdSense Optimization


Auto insert AdSense codes into each article by simply adding your AdSense ID

"SenseIt" module will automatically perform AdSense Optimization by altering the article listings in the main page layout to match the font size, background color and format to be the same as the AdSense text ads and as a result making these ads more clickable by your visitors


Search Engine

Quickly search any content published by the system.

Search for articles in all categories or only specific categories

Advanced search allows search by date range and categories


RSS / XML Generator

Let other websites incorporate your content to extend your reach

Syndicating webmasters add the code once to their website and it will stay current. Whenever your website is updated, all the syndicate sites are updated at the same time

 Syndicates can choose to display all your content or only a single category

Customize the font, size, color to match the syndicate's website design

The system produces the code that syndicates embed into their page to create the Webfeed

NEW GrabRSS this unique feature allows you to grab content from Yahoo to add quality content to your article or news website


Admin Category Management

Unlimited Categories and Subcategories

Easily add, edit or delete categories in the administration area

Hide categories to remove them temporarily from your website

Ability to upload an image for each category and subcategory

Search Engine Friendly category and subcategory names


Admin Newsletter Management

Newsletter Settings: configure newsletter settings including sender's name/address, maximum send mails per attempt and emails messages

Compose Newsletter: ability to create, preview and save newsletter

View Drafts: view saved newsletters

View Archives: view archived newsletters

Manage Subscribers: ability to search for subscribers, list all, delete all and bulk add email subscribers


Admin Article Management

Submit Article: Add new article using our advance WYSIWYG editor and ability to set new article as featured, link article to an external URL, set the article's category and status

Ability to approve pending articles

Manage Articles: edit and delete existing articles

Search Article by keyword in article title and description. Admin can also search by username


Admin Site Settings

General Settings

  • Configure basic site settings including title, meta tags, description site name and slogan

  • Set the number of articles to be displayed per page

  • Enable/disabled system (for maintenance) and ability to display offline message

  • Enable/disable article comments

  • Enable/disable comments moderation: If enabled, comments posted will be moderated and will not appear on site unless approved

  • AdSense Optimization settings

Site Layout: edit the site's look and feel

NEW Glossary Keywords: define a list of keyword/phrases and assign a corresponding URL. Great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Download SQL Backup

Add RSS Link

List RSS Links


Admin User Group Management

Manage users and assign them different access levels (group)

  • Supports UNLIMITED user group type

  • Admin: has complete control over the system

  • Editor: has the ability to add, edit and approve other people's articles or their own

  • Writers: can add, edit or delete their own articles and personal details

  • Banned: unable to use any part of the system

Give each user group their own username/password so they can log into the system

Add new user

Browse user

Search, edit and delete user

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Product Requirements

 MySQL (version 4 or higher)
 PHP (version 4.2.3 or higher)
 Mod_Rewrite enabled (Optional)

Pricing and Product Info

  • Cost (single license): $149
  • Or buy at 87% OFF
  • Language: PHP
  • Platform: Unix / Linux
  • Last Update: Apr 09, 2017
  • Current Version: 1.17

    •  100% Source Codes
       Lifetime License
       Free 1 Year Updates
       Free Copyright Removal

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