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EPay Enterprise Software

Enterprise Level E-Payment Solution

Deploy your ewallet and online payment solution like Paypal

EPay Enterprise has been developed by AlstraSoft with the growing demand for online payment processing business similar to Paypal. The most advance and comprehensive version of our EPay series and in the market at the moment, our Enterprise edition not only allows you to start your own payment processor site, EPay operators can also offer ewallet service for customers to store Bitcoin cryptocurrency as well as currency exchange services. Enhance your EPay with our eWallet and POS mobile app solution by enabling your users to turn their mobile phones into instant virtual ewallet.

EPay Enterprise is the ideal software solution for those who wish to run their own Paypal, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency ewallet or online payment system. Epay Enterprise comes with a ready out of the box website with all the features you need to run your own ewallet and payment gateway system at a low price of only $240.


It doesn't take a genius to figure out this type of website is a sound business investment. If advertised right this type of website can make you $1,000 - $10,000 a week! $4,000 - $40,000 a month! $52,000 - $520,000 a year!


A peer to peer payment system like this one will build a good customer base quickly using simple viral marketing techniques allowing its users to pay for auctions, services and goods. You can charge from 2.5% - 7% per transaction! You get 100% of those profits as you will completely own the website.


EPay Enterprise is completely secure and supports SSL. Our system is based on PHP and MySQL with specialize encryption schemes for secure transactions between users. The extensive admin panel offers an absolute control over the whole website and provides the administrators with complete stats of the activity of the site.

What can EPay Enterprise exactly do?

  • Works just like the popular PayPal payment processing network but with added features.
  • Ewallet - Offer ewallet for your members to store funds and Bitcoin cryptocurrency
  • Exchanger Platform - Ability to perform buy and sell. For example, users can sell bitcoin and get USD funds via Paypal
  • Payment support for products, donations, subscriptions, shopping cart and simple payments.
  • Fully supports automated recurring billing for subscriptions
  • Enhance your Epay by offering eWallet and EZ-POS mobile app
  • 100% template based. Allows you to completely customize all colors and logos, for a completely brandable site.
  • Easily ban/suspend users
  • Designed for growth, allowing you to place different parts of the program on different servers with near instant synchronization.
  • Allows for more customer funding options than the competitors. You can even allow customers to fund their account WITH the competitors (PayPal, E-Gold, NetPay, 2Checkout, BitCoin, and more).
  • Offer escrow services with our built-in EZ-Escrow module
  • EPay members can encrypt their "Pay Now" buttons
  • Members can perform mass payment
  • IPN (instant payment notification) support [More About IPN]
  • Built-in affiliate program
  • EPay members can list their items in the EPay Store Front
  • And many more!

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EPay Enterprise Features

Supported Payment Systems


Member Deposits

  • PayPal

  • NetPay

  • E-Gold

  • Skrill

  • BitCoin (Included in ProLink theme)

  • GoldMoney

  • PerfectMoney (Additional plugin)

  • Authorize.Net

  • 2Checkout

  • Regular Mail

Members Withdrawals

  • PayPal

  • NetPay

  • E-Gold

  • Skrill

  • GoldMoney

  • PerfectMoney (Additional plugin)

  • Bitcoin (Additional plugin)

  • Wire Transfer

  • Regular Mail

  • Western Union

  • MoneyGram

Member Functions


NEW Multi-langauge Support

  • Supports unlimited language for your Epay site

  • Users can select language of their choice for quick translation


Members Account System

  • Username for login

  • Access code (randomly generated using letters and digits)

  • Error messages on unsuccessful login tries

  • Auto session expiry with no activity on account during logged in

  • Security question for recovering password

  • NEW Send money to unregistered members:

  • members can now send money to unregistered members. If the member is not present in the system, an email will be sent to him, inviting him to open an account and as soon as the account is confirmed, the money is transferred into his account
  • NEW Multiple account emails. Members can now choose the amount of emails the member can associate his account with.

  • SSL supported


Account Menu

  • Account overview - Display general info, last transaction and 20 most recent transactions

  • Edit account profile

  • Edit account password

  • Add/Edit/Delete credit cards

  • Add/Edit/Delete bank accounts

  • Close EPay account


Merchant Menu

  • Products

  • Sell products: EPay members can enter the product name, description, price, tax, shipping, return URL, cancel URL and Notify URL for each product they are selling

    Ability to edit/delete products

    Ability to generate HTML/Encrypted code for the product buttons

  • Donations

  • Setup new donations: EPay members can enter the donation amount, return URL, cancel URL and Notify URL for each donation

    The system will display the number of donations made for each donation

    Ability to edit/delete donation

    Ability to generate HTML/Encrypted code for the donation buttons

  • Subscriptions

  • View current subscriptions the members subscribed to

    Sell subscription services: EPay members can enter the subscription name, description, recurring charge, duration, trial period, setup fee, tax, shipping cost, return URL, cancel URL and Notify URL for each subscription

    Ability to edit/delete subscriptions

    Ability to generate HTML/Encrypted code for the subscription buttons

  • Shopping Carts

  • Generate HTML/Encrypted code for shopping cart button. The shopping cart will display the list of products created by the member

  • Simple Payments

  • Display the HTML code for EPay payments

    Information on IPN integration [More About IPN]


Payments Menu

  • Deposit funds (Buy)

  • Withdraw funds (Sell)

  • Send payment to another EPay member

  • NEW Perform mass payment (now supports CSV file upload for mass pay)

  • Request payment

  • Escrow

  • Add a new escrow transaction

    View current escrow transactions

  • Affiliate Menu

  • View affiliate program details and commission rates

    View affiliate program downline

    View affiliate link and HTML banner codes

  • EPay Store Front

  • View shop listings grouped by categories

    Ability to search for shop listings by keywords


Admin Functions

Ability to set the system configurations

  • Edit site options: admin user/pass, email, site title and meta tags

  • Ability to set date/time format

  • Admin can configure password length and max number of attempts

  • Enable/disable turning number as well as setting size of the turning number and background image

  • Admin has the option to protect all HTML content in the EPay system

  • Edit currency type (USD, pounds, yens etc..) and set currency precision

  • Enable/disable Signup bonus

  • Set transfer fees and charges

  • Configure payment gateways

  • Affiliate program settings and referral payouts: Supports unlimited affiliate levels

  • Email Templates Manager - manage email templates

  • NEW Language Manager - Add/edit/delete language

  • HTML templates Manager - includes a built-in WYSIWYG editor


NEW FAQ Module

  • Admin can create/edit/delete FAQ categories

  • Ability to manage FAQ entries


Member Manager

  • Add new members

  • Search members by username, first/last name and email

  • Ability to view/edit/suspend/delete/close members

  • Built-in "Who Is Online" module so that admin can view members that are currently online and the IP address log

  • Admin can manual verify members

  • Admin can view member's IP history for possible fraud activities

  • Admin can view/edit member's account information and account transactions/deposits/withdrawals


Member Manager

  • Add new members

  • Search members by username, first/last name and email

  • Ability to view/edit/suspend/delete/close members

  • Built-in "Who Is Online" module so that admin can view members that are currently online and the IP address log

  • Admin can manual verify members

  • Admin can view member's IP history for possible fraud activities

  • Admin can view/edit member's account information and account transactions/deposits/withdrawals



  • Account Summary - view account summary for the day, current month and year

  • View transaction statistics (pending, completed, cancelled and refund) and admin can sort by date, amount, type, status, sender and receiver

  • View deposit/withdrawal transactions

  • View escrow transactions

  • View signup statistics

  • View commission statistics

  • View refund statistics

  • Admin has the ability to credit funds into the admin account balance

  • Ability to send single payments to EPay members

  • Ability to perform mass payments to more than 1 EPay members

  • Admin can mass mail all members (All, Active or Suspended)


Store Front Manager

  • View/Edit/Create categories

  • View/Edit/Create shop listings

  • Keyword search for categories/listings

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Product Requirements

 MySQL (version 4 or higher)
 PHP (version 4.2.3 or higher)
 SSL (Optional)

Pricing and Product Info

  • Cost (single license): $240
  • Or buy at 87% OFF
  • ProLink Theme Addon: $185
  • EPay Mobile App Customization
  • Language: PHP
  • Platform: Unix / Linux / Win NT
  • Last Update: Feb 12th, 2017
  • Current Version: 5.17

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