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Groupon Clone Enterprise

Starting your own Groupon Clone site has never been so easy

Finally, a potential income generator that will enable you to generate 5 figures or more per month!

Introducing Group Buying Software

AlstraSoft Groupon Clone software is a PHP application that allows you to run a Group Buying business just like The business concept is simple YET powerful. Each day offers users a single fantastic deal for a variety of cities. It could be deep discounts on food, entertainment, places to stay or things to buy. There is a minimum number of deals that have to be sold before everyone can get it.

What exactly is the fuss about Group Buying and why is it a big deal?

Now you must be asking what's the big deal about "Group Buying" and how can you as a webmaster or business owner can be part of this business? If you are unaware, Group Buying is the latest internet phenomenon that has taken the world by storm and in US alone, it has a total market size is expected to be $2.7 billion in 2012. The real killer business idea of giving away one product/services a day at an irresistible offer to a group of people is simply too strong to ignore. Group Buying and E-commerce are still continuing to be the 2 main drivers in today's consumer behavior.

The success of this business model based on LOW startup cost and HIGH profit margin has lead to more than 5 group buying sites being setup in Germany alone in less than a year. Many of our clients are who are running the Groupon Clone are also averaging about 5 FIGURES MONTHLY INCOME within 6months of operations.

Successful sites powered by Groupon Clone Script:



What does this really mean for you and your business?

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure how much it can potentially earn you countless revenues. Let's put a conservative figure of a min of 20 purchases for 1 deal a day, assume each deal is value at $60. You will be doing a revenue split with the company who is providing the deal. Assume a 40% commission and each deal will be $24. For 20 deals, that will amount to $480. Now, we are just talking about 1 deal a day and if you multiply by the number of cities you are offering and let's just put it at a min of 5 cities which these deals go through (meets the min purchase number). We are talking about MORE than $2400 of income PER day. Even if you half the amount, the potential revenue can easily exceed a 5 figure income on a monthly basis.

Do I have to compete with the big boys?

That's the beauty of group buying concept. Unlike starting your own social network, you are not competing with those big players to gain as much members as possible in order to obtain a bigger market share. All you need is to get the deal from your city, town or locality and promote accordingly. Different types of deal attract different clientele and that's exactly why Group Deal sites are able to co-exist in the same locality.

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Groupon Clone Enterprise Features



NEW Multi-Language Plugin: Supports more than 40+ languages for your user-end interface! Great for Group Deal site in foreign languages, no extra work needed to translate your site.

NEW Authorize.Net Credit Card Plugin: Accepts direct credit card payment via for your Group Buy site.

NEW Twitter Connect Plugin: Allows your customers to instantly login to their account without registration using their own Twitter accounts.

NEW SEO-friendly URL Plugin: Optimized for better search engine listings for your Groupon Clone site

FaceBook Connect Plugin FREE for a limited time (value at $50):Save the hassle for your users with our facebook connect system, allowing them to signin/register on your Groupon Clone site with an existing facebook account This makes is faster and easier for your members to access your website and increases conversion rate from turning visitors to members with auto cross-posting of deals on member's Facebook account.

Mobile Plugin FREE for a limited time (value at $75):  This plugin supports all mobile web browsers for your users including iphone, blackberry, windows mobile and many more. With this plugin they can access your Groupon Clone site via any internet enabled phone and it has a mobile detector which will direct your users to the mobile version if they are surfing using their phones.

FaceBook Connect

Mobile Plugin


General Features


Includes 3 professionally designed web 2.0 themes (value at $200)

Theme 1

Theme 2


Supports MemCache technology for enhance performance of your website

Social media support: Anyone can share deal information on Facebook, Twitter, MSN or Email

Display deal of the day with info on the number of deals bought, interactive timer on time left to buy and details of the deal

Supports Side Deals (Offer more than 1 deal for your customers)

Ability to check previous deals

Ability to choose cities to view city specific deals

3 Account Types

  • User account: This account is for website users to manage their account, purchase deals, check their online orders and many more.
  • Partner account: This account is issued to companies where the deals are used. A partner account enables the company staff to monitor sales status in real-time, update account information as well as validating coupon codes when a user claim a deal
  • Admin account: Control the backend administration of the Group Deal site

Integrated with secure payment gateway such as Paypal and user also have the option to pay via offline methods such as bank transfer


User Features


Ability to subscribe to daily deal information from the user's own city

Users can get a rebate if they successfully invite their friends to purchase a deal

Users can post questions for each deal in the Q&A section

Integrated forum for each city/country for user discussion

Ability to upload display photo, edit username, password and user delivery info

Ability to verify and claim coupon online

Finance Manager

  • Display financial records for fund deposit by members for Offline/Online payment

  • Display financial records for deals by cash payment

  • Ability to top up

Deal Manager

  • Display deals the user has purchased by paid, unpaid and all orders

  • Display details of deals that user has purchased including the amount, status, quantity, purchase time and deal info

Coupon Manager

  • Display coupons by used, unused and expired

  • Display details of coupon including the coupon number, password, validity date, deal info and status


Partner Features


Ability to view list of deals and the details including deal status, total payment, quantity balance and date

Partner can edit his profile including username, password, company details and bank account info

Ability to view the list of coupon codes issued for the deals and its status, coupon password, validity info as well as buyer details so that partner companies can use this info for coupon tracking

Search for coupon codes


Admin Features


Admin Panel

Admin Panel: Site Configuration

Ability to control your Group Deal site through an interface, with a secure login, so that an administrator can login remotely

Ability to create multiple administration accounts

Ability to define multiple cities so users can switch between cities

Ability to schedule a deal in advance

Built-in WYSIWYG editor

Quick Stats - Display your Group Deal site statistics including total deals, members, subscribers, orders and Daily stats

Q&A Manager - View/reply questions posted by users for each deal

Feedback Manager - View/Manage feedbacks and suggestions sent by users on your Group Deal site

Subscription Manager - View/Manage subscribers. Admin also have the ability to filter the subscriber list by City or Email address

Finance Manager

  • Display financial records for fund deposit by members for Offline/Online payment

  • Display financial records for deals by cash payment

  • Display refund records for deals

  • Display records for user withdrawals

Rebate Manager

  • This section allows the admin to view/manage the rebates issued to members when they invite a friend for a deal on your Group Deal site

Deal Manager

  • Admin has the ability to create deal by City and Category

  • Ability to specify a start date/time, ending date/time, price, minimum purchase requirements, maximum purchase requirements, upload photos and video links, set terms and conditions, order details, coupon delivery option

  • Ability to view current/good/failed deals and admin can edit/delete existing deals

Order Manager

  • Orders for your Group Deal site are organized by Current, Paid and Unpaid for easy administration

  • Search orders for your by email, order number

  • Display orders with info such as item, user, quantity, total amount, delivery and ability to delete orders that are unpaid

Coupon Manager

  • Ability to create new coupons and able to set the validity date, value and quantity

  • Display coupons which are sorted by unused, used and expired

  • Ability to search for coupon by Deal, Partner and Status

  • Export coupons to excel

User Manager

  • Ability to search for users via email

  • View/manage list of users and administrator 

  • Ability to create admin accounts for your Group Deal site

  • Ability to manual top up credits for users

Partner Manager

  • View/edit/delete partners

  • Ability to create new partner account

Marketing Tools

  • Ability to mass mail members 

  • Download customer data including mobile phone number, email, orders, coupons, customer details to CSV format for offline marketing

Category Manager

  • Create/edit/delete new cities

  • Create/edit/delete new deal categories

Site Configuration

  • Setup basic settings for your Group Deal site such as website name, title, currency, enable email verification, allow rebate, allow discussion in deals, enable partner to download coupon, enable side deals and business contact info

  • Create/edit bulletin announcements on site-wide or specific cities

  • Supported Payment options: Paypal, Alipay, Bank Transfer

  • Configure email settings: SMTP/PHP Mail

  • Enable/disable cities

  • Page editor: Edit website pages

  • Setup cache to enable site to load faster

  • Skin manager: customize the look and feel of your Group Deal site by selecting pre-loaded website themes

  • Template Manager: Allow easy editing of the Group Deal website templates

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Product Requirements

 MySQL (version 5 or higher)
 PHP (version 5 or higher)
 GD library for PHP

Pricing and Product Info

  • Cost (single license): $178
  • Or buy at 87% OFF
  • Language: PHP
  • Platform: Unix / Linux
  • Last Update: Mar 15, 2017
  • Current Version: 3.16

    •  100% Source Codes
       Lifetime License
       Free 1 Year Updates
       Free Copyright Removal

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Test Drive Groupon Clone Enterprise

Admin Demo (Email: admin, Password: temppass)
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*Some functions are disabled in the demo

User Demo (Username: test Password: test)

Merchant Demo (Username: partner Password: partner)

Mobile Demo (works with iPhone, Blackberry, Win Mobile or any mobile browser)

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