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Leaked secrets of huge profits earned by Big Banks has made more than 500 clients engage AlstraSoft to develop an online ewallet platform


The Shocking Truth of Banking Practices on Money Transfer

Huge profits margin at the expense of consumers lead to the more payment startups

Ever wonder why banks charge excessive fees when sending money abroad or giving "unfavorable" exchange rates? Due to the age old banking practices, traditional banks have dominated the payment industry which are highly lucrative. AlstraSoft Epay Enteprise offers you a solution to become your own Peer-to-Peer(P2P) Payment Provider to tap into the IMMENSE growth of ewallet payment startups in your country or in any industry that requires payment services.


EPay Enterprise Payment Platform

EPay is a PHP-based Enterprise level software that allows you to essentially become your own Paypal offering money transfers for your users as well as allow your merchants to accept payment online. Our proprietary P2P platform also allows options to create your cryptocurrency wallet for BitCoin, Remittance Service, Bill Payment as well as App-based Mobile Payment soluton. To find our more, click on the link below


Enjoy our EPay Feature Rich Options

Our EPay Enterprise Software is highly customizable and we provide various modules to suit your unique business needs

eWallet Platform

Offer both Web and Mobile App Payment service to your users just like Paypal
Money Transfers

Offer seamless transfer of online funds using EPay's Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Payment Platform
E-commerce Payment
Merchant tools for your users ranging from payment buttons, API tools, Escrow and more!
Epay Extensions

Provide MORE for your users via EPay custom solution with addons like Remittance, Bill Payment and Point-of-Sales (POS)

Your Security, Our Priority

At AlstraSoft, we take payment security seriously. We provide robust security options for your EPay platform to ensure the protection of customer data and transactions.

Supports 256bit AES encryption via SSL
Custom Encryption
Option to add hash cryptography for backend database encryption
Secure Hosting
Deploy your EPay solution on secure PCI DSS compliant cloud hosting
User Protection
Additional layer of security for your users using 2FA

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