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Ewallet + POS Mobile App

Mobile Payment and Ecommerce made easy

Deploy your business anywhere with Epay Mobile POS, send and receive money with EPay Ewallet App

Introducing EPay Enterprise Mobile App Solution


AlstraSoft EPay Mobile Apps solution is designed to work with our EPay Enterprise software by leveraging on the growing trend of mobile users by offering an ewallet solution to turn any mobile phones into a virtual wallet. With our custom POS mobile app solution you can also offer your epay merchants a point-of-sales system using a mobile tablet or smart phone and sell on the go without the hassle of complicated setup and hefty cost.


Why mobile payment is the way to go?


Many major countries as a matter of fact use their phones for payment more than credit cards to make the purchases. Based on a recent survey by Buzzcity more people are using mobile payments as compared to credit cards in 17 of the 23 countries, a clear trend that will continue to grow in the age of mobile phones and internet. Moreover with mobile payment, your users will have a secure environment and easy way to perform transactions both online or offline without the risk of credit card frauds



If you have not ride on this growing trend on mobile payment business for your website or market, contact us to find out more on how our solution can help you GROW a new business or even create an entire NEW market for your country today!


Why offer Epay mobile app for your users?


By offering an Ewallet app, the potential is limitless which you can offer your users the ability to make secure payments without sharing sensitive financial information via the EPay app. Custom programming can be done to allow for payment of utility bills, bank payments, purchase of products and services at the touch of a button using a mobile device.


Transactions between users are secured using complex hash cryptography that is custom developed for each mobile app and stored on secure server that AlstraSoft deploys for each of our clients.


Empower EPay Users with Mobile POS solution


With EPay Mobile Point-of-Sales (POS) system, you can extend ecommerce services for your merchants where they can manage their entire store securely via our POS solution and run their business anytime, anywhere using a mobile device.


Using EPay POS mobile app module, epay merchants can manage inventories, track orders as well as sales analytics on the go.


Your Security, Our Priority


We understand how important it is to ensure the security of the system to ensure your clients' funds are secure

For corporate level customers, AlstraSoft offers custom development of our mobile payment apps with bank grade hardware security module (HSM) integration.

With our experience in data security, we are able to develop a custom multi-signature digital wallet to create an additional level of protection for your epayment system.

Contact us today to discuss how we can provide a customized solution for your mobile payment app.

EPay Mobile Apps Features

Ewallet App Features



Account Summary

Send Money

Request Money

Transaction History


POS App Features


POS User Interface

Staff Management - Able to manage staff accounts multi-stores

Product Inventory - Able to manage products

Reporting/Analytics - Daily Sales, Monthly Sales, Custom Sales Report,Top Products, Custom Product Report

Print or EMail receipts

View/Search Transaction History for Sales

Order Summary

Offline mode - Able to store orders in offline (in case of connectivity issues)

Tax options

Add support for customer signature

Account Settings

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Please make sure that you have an existing license of EPay Enterprise software before making the purchase of the EPay mobile app solutions.

  • Mobile eWallet App Cost: $250 for Android or $480 for both Android and iOS
  • Last Update: Feb 20th, 2016
  • Current Version: 1.3

  • Mobile POS App Cost: $380 for Android or $700 for both Android and iOS
  • Last Update: Jan 26th, 2016
  • Current Version: 2.1

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Build, customize or integrate your site with AlstraSoft social networking mobile app!

Introducing AlstraSoft Mobile Social Network App


Running your app based social networking community has never been easier with AlstraSoft mobile social network app. With our social network app, we are able to customize our solution to integrate with your existing web platforms or build additional modules to suit the needs of your requirements.


This mobile social app solution includes several modules such as news feed similar to Facebook, geo-location technology, real time chat system as well as an admininstration panel. Click on the Features tab above to explore more.


Mobile Social Network App Features

User Features


News Feed: Display posts from friends you follow and who you have as friends

Links Preview (during posting of links, the details of the website link are auto generated)

Youtube videos Preview

Display shared location on Map

Able to Edit/Report/Delete posts

Ability to Like/Dislike post

Ability to Comment/Delete in post

Display full-screen view for shared photos

Ability to download shared photos

Set shared photos as Wallpaper

Play youtube videos in full-screen within the mobile app

Share post from the app to other social networks

Display favorite posts in Favorite Page

Publish Page

  • Users can share current location using GPS

  • Ability to share photos

  • Ability to share youtube videos

  • Ability to set post privacy

  • Ability to order the job

  • Provide Feedback and rate the job

Real-time Chat

  • Fast and real time messaging

  • Display notifications

  • Show last messages

User Account

  • Account activation via E-mail

  • Ability to search for users

  • Ability to Follow/Unfollow users

  • Contact users

  • View user's posts

  • View user's profile

Settings Management

  • Change user's cover profile

  • Change avatar

  • Ability to change address, username, email and name

User Notifications

  • Show notifications when another user starts to follow you

  • Show notifications when a new message is being received


Admin Features


Ability to manage posts.

Ability to manage users

Ability to manage reports

Ability to manage messages

Edit settings


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  • Cost (Android version): $350
  • Last Update: Jan 22nd, 2016
  • Current Version: 1.3

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Alstra Messenger Chat App

Build your own Whatsapp Clone App

Create your Whatsapp Clone! Scalable chat platform made affordable with Alstra Messenger Whatsapp clone script.

Introducing Alstra Messenger Whatsapp Clone App


Alstra Messenger is a mobile chat app which allows you to run your own Whatsapp clone chat service. Starting your own chat platform has never been so easy and affordable with Alstra Messenger. Why pay thousands of dollars for a platform where you can build a Whatsapp clone for a fraction of that price with Alstra Messenger. Built using asynchronous message exchange over TCP, the backend is highly scalable and secure.


Alstra Messenger is great not only for starting your own chat service like Whatsapp but also for existing website owners looking to extend a chat service for their members to allow them to send and receive install messages. Alstra Messenger app is also Admob integrated which allows you to earn additional revenue via online advertising.


Alstra Messenger Whatsapp Clone Features

Users Features


100% Open source code - Customizing your own Whatsapp clone app made possible by AlstraSoft or your own mobile programmer

Highly scalable chat platform using Asynchronous Message Exchange via TCP

Admob Support - Additional revenue stream via admob for your Whatsapp clone service

100% Message Delivery - Our whatsapp clone app features an auto-delivery module even if the phone is offline!

Quick Registration - SMS based pincode registration which requires a valid phone number to signup.

Log-in using phone number, no passwords or pin codes required

Auto-sync contacts from Phone book

Single Chat - Create conversations with contacts from phone book instantly.

Group Chat - Create chat groups & add multiple contacts. Group admin can invite contacts as well as set group name, profile pic & status

Share media with contacts

Profile Management - Ability to set user nickname, avatar, custom visual notifications and sounds

Emoticons - Express moods in conversations with our huge library of emoticons

Demo (Android Version)


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  • Cost (Android version): $320
  • Last Update: Feb 20th, 2016
  • Current Version: 2.0
  • 100% Source codes provided

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