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Pinterest Clone Script

Create your very own Pinterest Clone in mins - Increase User Engagement, Customer Retention for your site or even create your own NICHE Pinterest site for your own social network community

Pinterest Clone Script is our latest Enterprise Solution that allows you to run a similar social community just like Pinterest is the latest social networking site with a visually appealing pinboard interface. Users can collect photos and videos and then link to products they love and share to the world by creating their own pinboards. Users can also follow the pinboards of other people whom they find interesting.

The allure of the Pinterest is powerful that it is touted as the next social media giant, serving up to 2.3 billion impressions alone in March 2012 (source).

What exactly is the fuss about Pinterest and why is it a big deal for you?
Now you must be wondering what's the big deal about having your own Pinterest site and how can you benefit form having your Pinterest Clone?

Start your Niche Pinterest Site - It no coincident that (adult site) has changed their model to Pinterest clone concept and neither did sites of various Pinterest clones of different industries are being conceived after how Pinterest revolutionalize the social media just like what Facebook did years ago:
  • Trippy, a Pinterest for travelers.
  • Wanderfly, a Pinterest for travel recommendations.
  • Gtrot, a Pinterest for globetrotters.
  • Kulisha, a Pinterest for social commentary.
  • Pingram, a Pinterest for Instagram.
  • and many more!

Increase Customer Engagement / Retention - Good news for existing retailers or E-commerce site owners! Based on RJMetrics report, the Pinterest social networking model allows the retention of customers and engages on the average 2 to 3 times as efficient as Twitter [the wise saying of a picture is worth a thousands words]. The viral effect of "Repins" when your customers repins your product listings in your Pinterest site on their own blogs, websites and even on Facebook. Many major ecommerce giants such as china based, has setup its own Pinterest Clone, to leverage on the "Pinterest Effect". Additionally, you can also generate an additional source of income from retail advertisers and companies advertising their products and pins on your Pinterest clone website.

Pinterest Clone Script Features


  • Video Module: Pinterest Clone Script allows your users to insert Youtube video link when adding a new pin which will automatically add the pin as a Video Pin and list it under the Video category
  • Social Module: Registration and login has never been so much easier with full integration with FaceBook and Twitter connect to satisfy the instant gratification for your users and access your Pinterest Clone site instantly without the hassle of a new account registration
  • Gifts Module: Users can add pin as Gifts on your Pinterest site by simply typing a price in the Pin description (i.e $25). The pin will be automatically added in the appropriate price range in Gifts category.
  • NEW Advertising Module: The first and only advertising module offered in the Pinterest Clone market. AlstraSoft Pinterest Clone allows you to bring your pinterest site to the next level by maximizing the revenue for your site by offering your advertisers Sponsored Pin listing which the featured pin will be on the top ranking for the category it is listed.

User Features

  • User-interface similar to
  • Multi-language support
  • Pin Search Engine
  • Allow users to view pins by Categories, All pins, Popular Pins, Video Pins
  • Signup / Login member account system
  • Create Boards - users can create board based on any topics or interest
  • Add Pins (Supports both Image and Video Pins)
  • Upload Pins - Upload images directly from your desktop
  • Share Pins on Facebook, Twitter, HTML embedded code
  • Ability to Repin, Comment on Pins, Like Pin, Set Pin as Favorite, Report Pins
  • Follow/Unfollow users
  • Auto-loading of more pins when users scroll down to the bottom of the browser to view more pins
  • Pin it bookmarklet - Users can add "Pin It" button to their web browser which allows users to push the "Pin It" button to automatically grab an image from any website and add it to one of the pinboards
  • User Account
    • User Profile: User profile page with activity feeds, RSS feed, user details such as number of followers/following, pin boards, pins, likes, favorites
    • Invite Friends: invite friend to join your pinterest clone site
    • Boards: Ability to edit/delete user's boards
    • Pins: User can edit/delete pins
    • Likes: View list of pins that user has liked
    • Favorites: View list of favorite pins
    • Settings - Edit member details, upload profile image, set notifications, change password

Admin Features

  • Website Statistics Overview
  • Ability to mass email all members
  • Manage Category - Add/Edit/Delete categories for your Pinterest Clone site
  • Manage Users - Search/Edit/Delete users. One-Click access to instant suspend/unsuspend members and view user login history for your Pinterest Clone site to check for unauthorized access.
  • Manage Boards - View/Delete pinterest boards created by your members. Admin can also view/edit the pins listed in each board
  • Pin Report Module - Pinterest Clone Script allows the admin to view the list of pins that have been reported by your users that violates the terms of use on your site and admin has one-click access to disable these pins
  • CMS Manager - Admin can manage the sub-section static pages on the page such as Help/About/Copyright page. Built in HTML editor which allows the admin to customize the content
  • Site Settings - Edit admin name, email password, site URL, site slogan, enable/disable maintenance mode

Product Requirements
 MySQL (version 5 or higher)
 PHP (version 5 or higher)
 GD library for PHP

 Pinterest Clone Manual

Test Drive Pinterest Clone Script
Admin Demo (Email:, Password: support)
*Some functions are disabled in the demo

User Demo (Username: demo Password: demo)