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ProTaxi Enterprise

Uber Clone Taxi Booking Software

Enterprise Level Taxi Booking Software made easy & affordable

ProTaxi Uber Clone script is our latest enterprise level solution that allows you to start your own taxi booking business like Uber. ProTaxi Enterprise is a complete solution for connecting your customers with taxis or private cars. Build your own Uber clone business by allowing customers with Android or iOS smartphones to submit a trip request which is then automatically assigned to drivers to transport them from point to point destination.

This business is great for existing taxi operators / car rental companies or anyone who wish to run this business by partnering with taxi operators or private car owners who will use this app by simply downloading the driver app and earn an extra income!

Add your company logo and start branding your passenger and driver app immediately! Protaxi Enterprise is highly versatile and coupled user friendly interface, it is easy to customize with our dynamic mobile apps in this PROVEN business model. Starting your Uber Clone has never been so much easier and affordable with Protaxi Enterprise for as low as $750!

How much can I earn as a Uber Clone platform operator?

It isnt really that difficult to figure out how a taxi booking software will earn from running this business. 

And it doesn't take a genius to figure out this revenue model! Suppose you have just 50 taxis on the road making an average of 5 trips per day and you charge each trip a $1 service fee, your monthly revenue will work out to be 50 x 5 x $1 x 30 days = $7,500/month!

ProTaxi Enterprise Exclusive!

Not knowing how to start this taxi booking platform but want to get into action? Purchase our software today and get our Uber Clone Starter Guide Kit that includes the following for a limited time only:

  • Step by step guide for deploying your ProTaxi system online for both web and mobile app
  • Do not have your own cars or taxis? No worries, we include ALL documents and agreements that are required for partnership with 3rd party taxi companies or car rental companies
  • Marketing kit on how our clients negotiate with taxi fleets or working with individual private car owners and insanely GROW your drivers base to use your app
  • The chicken-and-egg game - Have drivers but no passengers? Get insider tips on growth hacking techniques to jump start your game and getting more passengers

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ProTaxi Enterprise Features

General Features

 General Features

  • Ready to run solution - NO hardware required! 

  • Mobile Responsive web interface 

  • Payment options: Cash/Paypal/Stripe

  • Bank-Grade Encryption - SSL support for secure data transmission using 256-bit AES

 Passenger Account Features (Web)

  • Register/Login Account
  • View/Edit Profile
  • Display past Ride History
  • Add Payment methods
  • View Referral credits and balance
  • Request a new trip

 Driver Account Features (Web)

  • Register/Login Account
  • View/Edit Profile
  • Dash board overview: Total request/Distance covered/Earnings and average rating
  • Upload New Documents for approval
  • View past Pickup History
  • Filter result by date and download report option
  • View Ongoing trips

Passenger Mobile App Features (Android/iOS)

  • Passenger Registration and Login
  • Option to register via Facebook/Google+
  • In-app push notifications
  • Select Taxi (or vehicle type) from the Google map
  • The application pickups the nearest taxi for the users 
  • Use GPS to select the pickup Address to request drivers to take your on ride
  • Automatic route calculation
  • Auto fare estimation based on fare rates
  • Cab reach time & status updates
  • Options to cancel bookings
  • Able to call Driver via app
  • Track the driver till he gets to your door step after the confirmation
  • Ability to rate driver and system emails invoice after each trip 
  • SMS/Email notification for rides
  • Driver details and contact details after confirmation
  • Create and edit profile
  • View past Ride History
  • View pending driver request
  • View accepted drivers

Driver Mobile App Features (Android/iOS)

  • Driver Registration and Login
  • Option to register via Facebook/Google+
  • In-app push notifications
  • Look for new user ride request
  • Receive notification from users when they request for ride with timer countdown
  • Accept ride request from user
  • Cancel ride request from user
  • Able to call Passenger via app
  • Complete a ride after ride finishes
  • Submit user feedback after each trip
  • SMS/Email notifications for pickups
  • Change status online / offline – to appear on passenger map
  • View past Pickup History

Admin Backend

  • Dashboard overview

  • Add/Edit/Delete Admin
  • Track daily transaction and reports with the ability to filter and sort by date range/user/status
  • Download reports
  • Real-time tracking of drivers location on the map on the move
  • View/Edit/Delete Drivers with ability to filter and sort results
  • Admin has ability to approve/decline drivers with function to view documents uploaded by driver before approval and viewing of individual Driver's trip history
  • View/Edit/Delete Passengers with ability to filter and sort results
  • Admin has ability to view individual Passenger's trip history as well as referral statistics
  • Ability to mass dispatch SMS messages for Drivers/Passengers
  • Add/Edit Vehicle type with ability to set the pricing based on Time/Distance as well as passenger capacity
  • Admin has the ability to Add/Edit/Delete the required Driver's documentation fields 
  • Site Customization - Edit Application Backend  and UI Keywords without meddling with the source codes!
  • View Trip requests

  • View/Delete Driver and User reviews with ability to filter results

  • CMS for Page management

  • Coupon Management - Add/Edit/Delete Promo codes with ability to set the promo value($ or %) as well as start/end date with the number of uses allowed

  • Manage Admin Panel Setting - Edit system settings App settings, SMS templates and Site logo/icons

  • Payment Management


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Product Requirements

 MySQL (version 5 or higher)
 PHP (version 5 or higher)
 SSL (Optional)

Pricing and Product Info

  • ProTaxi Enterprise base platform (Web) + Android Passenger/Driver app(Mobile) addon (single license): $749
  • ProTaxi Enterprise iOS Passenger/Driver app(Mobile) addon (single license): $450
  • Language: PHP (Web)
  • Platform: Unix / Linux / Win NT
  • Last Update: July 15th, 2017
  • Current Version: 3.5

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