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Site Uptime Enterprise Software

Run your own Website Monitoring and Server Uptime service

Deploy your Pingdom Clone site monitoring SaaS solution

"Ever thought of running your very own highly profitable website monitoring and server uptime service just like and for an incredible low startup cost?"


If your answer is YES to the above, then you have come to the right place! AlstraSoft now offers you a unique system that allows you to run your own Pingdom Clone web site monitoring service with Site Uptime Enterprise.


Site Uptime Enterprise is a ready to run uptime monitoring solution that allows you to offer free as well as paid membership services that monitors your members' web sites as well as POP3 email server, FTP protocols and all custom ports 24/7. Members will get notified either via email or SMS whenever a downtime occurs. With our paypal integrated system, member can simply upgrade their account anytime to enjoy premium web monitoring services.


"Start your unique automated revenue generating business"


You may be asking why Site Uptime Enterprise is a preferred profit making e-business as compared to other online services. And here's why....


 As more and more businesses go online, there is a growing demand in these services and a web site downtime could result in a lost in traffic and revenues for these potential clients.

 Ready to run software solution upon purchase and our Site Uptime Enterprise comes with a great design that will guarantee to attract your customers.

 Create more value to your existing customers by offering uptime monitoring services. Great for web hosting companies.

 Have unused server space and resources? Maximize your idling server by running your own website monitoring service. Afterall, you are paying for server fees that you are not using at all!

 Easily earn back your startup cost in 1 month or less! It does not take a genius to figure out that with only 30 customers paying at $10/month or more for the web site monitoring service, you can easily take in more than $300 in 1 month and we are just talking about ONLY 30 customers! With 100 customers, that will bring in a cool $1000 by just doing nothing (or at least providing customer support). We will leave it to you to figure out the rest...


How does Site Uptime Enterprise works?

Site Uptime Enterprise is an easy to use software and when up running, you can virtually automate the entire business.

  1. Members signup for a free/paid account to start monitoring their website uptime.

  2. Setup multiple server monitoring stations (you will need to have servers in these areas) located in different parts of the world so that your members' websites can be monitored in not just only 1 server location.

  3. Members can select the check intervals (2,5,10,15,30 or 60mins) for each monitored service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

  4. If there is a downtime detected by any of the server monitoring locations, an email and/or SMS will be sent to your members notifying them that their website is down so that they can take follow-up actions. With our SMS-ALERT module integrated into our Site Uptime, sending out SMS messages through the sms gateway is done automatically.

  5. Site Uptime Enterprise also provides real-time statistics as well as a summary of your members' uptime. Visual representations such as bar charts and graphical pies are include in our software for a quick overview. Members can also opt to receive monthly reports of their websites



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Site Uptime Features

Member Functions

Monitoring Features

  • Monitoring intervals - Supports time-intervals of 2,5,10,15,30 and 60mins for monitoring service

  • Multiple monitoring service - Members can monitor more than 1 website or domain names

  • Multiple monitoring locations - Members are able to monitor from different server locations

  • Email and SMS alert - Members are notified by email and/or SMS with our SMS-Alert module integrated into Site Uptime Enterprise

  • Site Uptime Enterprise supports the following protocols:

    HTTP: Web Server

    POP3: Email Server

    SMTP: Outgoing Email Server

    FTP: File Transfer Protocol

    SSL: Secure Socket Layer

    Custom ports



Members Login System

  • Member registration system

  • Password forget function

  • Paypal integrated - Members can easily upgrade their account through paypal payments

  • Member account upgrade page - Option for free members to upgrade to paid account with enhance web monitoring services


  • Instant check the status of the hostname

  • Supports multiple server location checks

Member Profile

  • Ability to edit and save member's profile

  • Set custom time zones

  • Members can set multiple alert emails

  • Ability to set multiple mobile phone numbers for SMS alert

  • Members can have the option to receive monthly email uptime reports

Member Services

  • Ability to edit/delete existing monitoring services

  • Members are able to enable/disable existing services

  • Members can view last check date as well as the host name and service details

  • View statistics for each services

  • Add new monitoring services

    Set hostname and service type (http,pop3 or custom ports)

    Select check intervals for monitoring

    Choose locations to monitor the service

    Set notification settings for email and SMS

Member Statistics

  • Built-in bar charts and graphical pies for visual representations

  • View service's uptime summary and detail reports

  • View demo reports


Admin Functions

User List - View/delete existing member details as well as the ability to manually upgrade account type and adding sms credits

Common settings - setup paypal email and admin email settings

SMS Settings - Configure sms gateways settings and sms alert message templates

Server Management - Admin can add/edit server monitoring locations

Email Templates Manager

Countries Manager - Add/edit/delete countries

States Manager - Add/edit/delete states

FAQ Manager - Admin can add/edit/delete FAQs

Membership Manager - Add custom membership packages. Admin can also edit/delete existing membership packages

Built-in customer support ticket system - Members can send support tickets to the admin which will be displayed in this page where the admin can respond back to the members

Add/edit/delete customer testimonials

Change admin password

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Product Requirements

 MySQL (version 4 or higher)
 PHP (version 4.2.3 or higher)
 SSL (Optional)
 BulkSMS Gateway (optional for SMS Alert function)

Pricing and Product Info

  • Cost (single license): From $160
  • Or buy at 87% OFF
  • Language: PHP
  • Platform: Unix / Linux
  • Last Update: Mar 20, 2017
  • Current Version: 5.5

    •  100% Source Codes
       Lifetime License
       Free 1 Year Updates
       Free Copyright Removal

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Test Drive Site Uptime Enterprise

Admin Demo (User: admin, Password: admin)
*Some functions are disabled in the demo

User Demo (Username: Password: password)

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